E N Curtis

Woodworker. Artist. Teacher. Chucklehead.

A New piece, A New space, & a little Lie-NielseN

After finishing a Settee for a client in the beginning of February, my wife and I relocated to Wayne, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. The move was for a number of personal reasons, but it has been a wonderful thing so far and I'm hoping it will continue to be. We went to college down here, and it's nice to be back.

I hope to get back into the shop within the next month or so. Having a little less time on my hands now I may take a bit longer to finish pieces, but I'm hoping to have a bit more fun with my work. I've gone back to coaching gymnastics and teaching pre-school music, and the problem, you see, is that I enjoy all three of my occupations very much. There's not one thing I want to stop doing. I mean, come on, I get paid to tell jokes to little kids and run around jumping on trampolines and playing guitar. Can you really beat that? 

As I said, I hope to be back in the shop in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out!