E N Curtis Woodworks

Handcrafted, Functional Art in Wood

  Photo Credit and Copyright to Paul Sellers     

Photo Credit and Copyright to Paul Sellers     

"This life is not for complaint, but for satisfaction" — Henry David Thoreau

I have found few things that bring me as much satisfaction as making things in wood. There is a completion in bringing an idea to tangibile reality, but also a real contentment in the doing of the thing—a satisfaction not only in the end result, but in the work itself. 

After spending my college years searching for my calling, I spent two years in my Philadelphia apartment reading, researching, and practicing joinery on my coffee table. I then decided it was time to pursue the passion I had found. I moved to New York, I spent the next year taking classes, making furniture, and spending a month learning under Paul Sellers in Greenwich, NY. Then I decided I was ready to push myself to a new level of craftsmanship, and I enrolled in the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship's 9-month comprehensive program. There I honed my craft under the guidance of master furniture maker Aled Lewis and some of the finest woodworkers and teachers from around the world. Now I seek to explore all areas of "making", and to continue to learn and explore in my contentment.