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A show this weekend and the goings on

It's nice to make some smaller things. Something that takes from only a few minutes to just an hour or so, like a small turning. It's nice to break up the incredible difficulty and mental energy that goes into making such large pieces as what I usually make. There's the building of it, sure, but there's also the design, the planning, the purchasing, the fixing mistakes, the finishing, the photography, and the storage. There's a lot. This week I've been making a mirror frame for a client on Long Island for his entry way. Quartered oak is always lovely to work with.

This weekend will celebrate more of the small things. Sure, it's a huge amount of work to do a show, but that only bookends the weekend. At the New Paltz Arts and Crafts Show, there will be loads of makers selling all kinds of neat things of all mediums—pottery, molded christmas ornaments, soaps, jewelry, etc. Last year, I picked up a set of ceramic mushrooms for my garden. They were strange, but I also thought they were pretty sweet. If you're around the hudson valley, you should check it out, and be sure to stop by my booth.

After this show weekend, I will be diving head first into a rather large job of 3 commercial desks and a small conference table. The mostly veneered pieces will be really lovely as I already have the curly maple, maple burls, and holly veneers I will use. 

Oh, and I thought you might enjoy this last picture. A good friend of mine sent it to me the other day from when we were in school together. This is me working on the demilune—ah, the awkward positions we put our bodies in for the love of our craft. And I still lie on my bench, too!